More Tour Details


{one of the charming villages we like to visit}

I am trying very hard to get back to blogging more regularly now that I have my new website! It’s taking a little bit of adjusting, as I’m so used to just popping a quick photo up on Instagram and calling it a day…but lately I have been feeling a pull to get back into blogging again.

Since I just announced my June 2019 Provence tours, I thought this would be a good time to do an additional blog post, highlighting more details about what my tours entail.

My husband, Steve, and I have been staying at the same place in Provence for years now, and it seemed the perfect place to have our tour guests stay…


There are 5 self-catering apartments in the beautiful, old building that we stay in and the owners have taken great care to furnish each one with attention to detail and special touches. There is French antique furniture and artwork in each apartment and lovely touches, like draperies and shower curtains sewn from vintage French linens.

The slipcover on the couch in this next photo, was handmade by the owner, using vintage French linen sheets. Even the linen liners for the old, wooden baskets under the island, were sewn from vintage French sheets…


I realized when I started offering the Provence tours, earlier this year, that I did not have a lot of photos of the different apartments {they are all unique and different}. While I have always thought that they are so special and a beautiful place to be able to call home, while visiting Provence, most of my many photos are all of the surrounding countryside :) So, I am working on getting more photos taken, each time I am there now!

One of my favorite things about the property where we host our tour guests, is the private garden out back. It has a lovely pool and lots of seating. Perfect for a glass of wine with friends!

This next photo is a view from one of the apartments, looking out to the garden, and the village just beyond…


You can view more garden photos on my Instagram page, on my highlighted stories, under the title “Le jardin.” You can also view some highlights there, as well, of some of the flea markets and brocante shops that we love. Just click on the circles that say “Brocante,” and “Flea Market.”


One of my favorite days of the tour, is always when we visit our favorite winery for a wine tasting and then the long lunch that follows, at their amazing restaurant nextdoor. The food is spectacular and the view of the vineyards is always a treat!


I will leave you with a nighttime shot from Provence…